Non-Verbal Reasoning Puzzles for Kids and Teens

Non Verbal Reasoning Puzzles for Kids and Teens with Answers
Non-Verbal Reasoning is the ability to analyze pictorial data and then solve the given problem. There are many recruitment tests are based upon Non-Verbal Ability Tests. Here I am posting some of the brain teasers in the form of picture puzzles. You have understood the corresponding question and then solve these riddles. 
Answers links to these Non-Verbal Reasoning Riddles are given after each puzzle image. Try to solve these riddles without looking at the answers. Do refer to answers only to confirm that your solution is correct. You can also post your answers in the comments section along with your feedback.
In these Non-Verbal Reasoning riddles, you have to analyze given patterns and find out which picture out of given pictures will replace the question mark? So let's get started.
Non Verbal Reasoning riddle
1.Non-Verbal Reasoning riddle
Quick Non Verbal Reasoning Riddle
2. Quick Non-Verbal Reasoning Riddle

Non Verbal Reasoning Brain Teaser
3. Non-Verbal Reasoning Brain Teaser
Non Verbal Ability Test Puzzle Question
4. Non-Verbal Ability Test Puzzle Question

Non Verbal Reasoning Ability Test Puzzle
5. Non-Verbal Reasoning Ability Test Puzzle

Non Verbal Reasoning Mind Teaser
6. Non-Verbal Reasoning Mind Teaser

Non Verbal Reasoning Test
7. Non Verbal Reasoning Test

Non Verbal Reasoning Test
8. Non Verbal Reasoning Test
Non Verbal Reasoning Test Puzzle
9. Non-Verbal Reasoning Test Puzzle

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