Eye Test: Hidden Numbers Picture and Visual Brain Teasers

Eye Test Picture and Visual Brain Teasers for Kids and Teens
Picture Puzzles are the best tool to test observational skills or do eye tests. There are many different types of Picture Puzzles. In some of the Picture Brain Teasers, one has to find the hidden animals. Some of the picture puzzles contain the puzzle image which has an error and one has to find the mistake in the given picture. Another type of picture puzzle is an Odd-One-Out puzzle which will test your observational power. Last but not least there are Picture puzzles for finding the hidden letters or numbers in a similar-looking pattern. Today's picture puzzles are based on hidden letters/number puzzles and Odd One Out puzzles. Let's find out 'What Number do you see hidden in these puzzle images?'

How to Solve Eye Test Pictures and Visual Brain Teasers?

In these picture brain riddles, a pattern of numbers or letters is provided. All the letters or numbers in these patterns are the same except few letters which get mixed up with the given pattern. Your challenge is to find these hidden letters or numbers. 
This is an eye test for you. These patterns are arranged in order from easy to tough. Let us do the eye test to solve these easy and enjoyable brain teasers.

Let's start with a quick riddle of finding 8 in the given pattern. The time it brainteaser to find out how long you took to find 8 in this picture.

Eye Test: Hidden Number Pictures and Visual Brain Teaser - 1
1. Hidden Number Picture Puzzle

If you are able to find let us move to the next one which is very similar to the previous one. Try finding 6 in the given pattern of 9s now

Eye Test: Hidden Number Pictures and Visual Brain Teaser - 2
2. Picture Puzzle to find the hidden number

Now we are done with finding 6 or 8 in patterns of 9. Let's move to something different. However again these brain teasers are easy ones. Find N in the pattern below.

Eye Test by Finding Hidden Number
3. Eye Test by Finding Hidden Letter

If you are done with finding N in the above pattern, try finding two hidden Bs in the pattern below

Picture Puzzle to find hidden letters
4. Picture Puzzle to find hidden letters

Here is one more easy brain teaser for kids before I move to the tough ones. Find Q in the pattern of Os below

Puzzle Brain Teaser to find hidden letter
5. Puzzle Brain Teaser to find the hidden letter

After doing practice with many easy brain teasers, let's now do something tough. Find 1 in the below pattern of Is.

Tough Picture Puzzle to find hidden number
6. Tough Picture Puzzle to find the hidden number

 Now you are trained enough to do the toughest one of all these brain teasers. Try to find which one is different in the pattern below?

Odd One Out Picture Puzzle
7. Odd One Out Picture Puzzle

How did you find this eye test to find hidden letters/numbers? Some people can break the pattern very quickly but some people get lost in the patterns.  

This is the Eye Test to find given letters or Numbers in the pattern. Some letters or numbers are similar and can get easily lost if there is a pattern of other numbers. e.g. 8 can get easily lost in the pattern of 9s. Similar B can get easily lost in the pattern of Rs. In this eye test, there were different picture puzzles to test your eyes in which you have to find these hidden letters or numbers. How many of these picture puzzles were you able to solve? 

Please check out the answers to these picture brain teasers and find out how did you fare in this Eye Test?

Answers to Eye Test Pictures and Visual Brain Teasers

Please test your eyes and observational skills with the below-mentioned Picture Puzzles

List of Picture Puzzles to test your eyes

1. Can you find a hidden C?: In this Eye Test, you have found different letters hidden in similar-looking patterns. Now it's time to find hidden C in Picture Puzzle Images.

2. Brain Test to Find Mistakes in Puzzle Images: Now test your observational skills by finding mistakes in Picture Puzzle Images. 

3. Puzzles to Find Faces Hidden in Pictures: This contains very interesting Picture Puzzles in which faces are hidden in the images and your challenge is to find all these hidden faces quickly.

4. Puzzle for testing your observational skills: In this observation test, there are different Picture Puzzles in which animals are hidden. Your challenge is to find these hidden animals.

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