3 Escape Room Mystery Puzzle Questions and Answers

Can you escape from the room?

Engage in 3 thrilling escape room puzzles. Crack codes, solve riddles, and unravel mysteries to escape. Find the answers and unlock your freedom!
Jail Breaks games or Escape Rooms games are getting popular these days. In these games, you will be put in a room along with some of your friends. This room will be having few doors for your escape and you have to solve many different physical puzzles in the room to finally open one of these doors which will lead you to another room where a new set of mental challenges will be waiting for you. When you are in the room you will be watched through CCTV cameras and many times helpful hints will be given to you to help you to solve these brain teasers in the room.

What are Escape Room Mystery Puzzle Questions?

Now imagine that you are stuck in a room where there are three doors for escaping and you know what is behind each of these doors. You have to choose these doors to escape from this room. Do remember that choosing the wrong door may get you killed. However out of these three doors, one will give you an escape path. So you have to think and study carefully what is behind this door and then make your choice.

Answers to these puzzles are given at the end of this post. However, try solving these puzzles without looking at the answers.

So are you ready to play these Escape Room Mystery Puzzles? Let's start with the first room.  

Escape Room Mystery Puzzle Question-1

1. You are stuck in a big room and there are 3 doors in the room by which you can escape.
  • 1st door has an army of people carrying weapons behind it, which will kill you immediately at first sight.
  • 2nd door contains lions which are not been fed in the last couple of years.
  • 3rd door leads to falling into the bottomless pit.
Which room you will select to escape?

Escape Room Mystery Puzzle Question-2

2. Now you got escape through one of the doors in the previous brain teaser which leads to another room.  This room is having one window from which light is coming but it is too far from your reach. Again there are three doors to choose from.

  • 1st door contains a lens that magnifies sun rays so much that even opening the door will burn you completely. 
  • 2nd door contains acid which will burn someone immediately after the door is opened.
  • 3rd door there are wild animals that are alive and someone entering this room will become the food of these wild animals, the moment the door is opened.

Which door you will choose to escape from this room.

Escape Room Mystery Puzzle Question-3

3. Now if you are able to escape from this room. You reach the final room and you need to go through one of the doors to get free from this room. There is extremely dark in this room. You try to switch on the lights but the electricity is not there. Again there are three doors in this room and one door will lead to your escape. Their doors are explained below 

  • 1st door leads to a terrorist zone where one entering will immediately bombard with thousands of bullets.  
  • 2nd doors lead to the haunted valley where anyone coming will be tortured to death by the ghosts.
  • 3rd door leads electrical bridge which will give you high-voltage shocks which are enough to kill anyone who comes in this contact with this bridge. 

Which Door will you choose to finally escape? 

To solve escape room mystery puzzles, you require logical reasoning and visual skills. Check out the below-listed visual puzzles and logical reasoning puzzles to challenge your brain.

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Answers to these Escape Room Mystery Puzzles are given below. We have hidden the answers so that one does not read the answers by mistake or unknowingly. Do select the text between the answers to look at the answer to the corresponding escape room mystery puzzle.

Escape Room Mystery Puzzle Questions - Answers

1. 2nd Door. Because the lions are not fed for a couple of years, they these lions will be dead by this time.

2. 1st door at night because at night there will not be sun rays and windows in the room will help me to know whether its day time or nighttime.

3. 3rd Door, It is because electricity is not there. So one can pass the electrical bright without any problems.


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