Eye Test Picture Puzzles for Kids and Teens with Answers

Here are some Picture Puzzles to test your eyes. These Picture Puzzles are easy ones designed for kids. In these Observational Puzzles, numbers are hidden in the given puzzle picture. Your challenge is to read these hidden numbers as quickly as possible. Let's see how much time it will take to read these numbers?

Eye Test Picture Puzzles: Visual Puzzle to test your eyes
1. Can you read the hidden number?

Eye Test Picture Puzzles: Eye Test Brain Teaser to read hidden number
2. What Number do you see?

Eye Test Picture Puzzles: Easy eye test puzzle to read hidden number
Can you read this hidden number?

Eye Test Picture Puzzles: Test you Observational skill with this visual puzzle
4. Can you read this number?

Eye Test Picture Puzzles: Test your observational skills
What number do you see in this puzzle picture?

Answers to Eye Test Picture Puzzles

1) 2.178

2) 1762

3) 9028

4) 9012

5) 8257


Unknown said...

I observed the numbers I can see with my right eye!

Unknown said...

Number 4 is actually 9042, not 9012. The left part of the four is hard to see, but I turned my screen brightness all the way up LOL.