Maths Logic Pyramid Brain Teaser for High School Students

This is the Pyramid Brain Teaser for high school students. Solving this brain teaser will test your maths and logic skills. In this pyramid brain teaser, you are shown some numbers arranged in a Pyramid shape. These numbers follow some mathematical or logical sequence. Your challenge is to crack this logical code that relates the numbers of the Pyramid. Once you are able to find the logical reasoning hidden in the brainteaser, find the value of the missing number at the top of the Pyramid.

Math Pyramid Brain Teaser. Row 1: ?, Row 2: 4 5, Row 3: 7 6 8, Row 4: 9 7 8 9,
Can you Find the Missing Number?

Please write down your answer in the comments box in case you were able to solve this brainteaser. Also, write down your logical reasoning to solve this maths logic brainteaser.

The answer to this "Maths Logic Pyramid Brain Teaser", can be viewed by clicking on the answer button.

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