Sudoku Mistake Puzzles: Can you find the mistake?

Can you find the mistake in these Sudoku puzzles?
On Fun With Puzzles website Finding the Mistake Puzzles are the most famous puzzle types. Two of the finding mistake puzzles which are titled "Can you find the mistake?" and "Tricky and cool brain teasers of finding mistakes in given pictures" has remained in top 10 popular posts in last year. Sudoku also being very famous puzzle type. I thought to merge these two types to create this new puzzle type in which your challenge is to find the mistakes in the given solved Classic Sudoku grids. Click here to check Rules of the Classic Sudoku puzzles. Can you find the mistake in these Sudoku puzzles quickly?

Can you quickly find the mistake in this Sudoku puzzle?
1. Can you find the mistake in this Sudoku?

Can you spot the logical mistake in this Sudoku puzzle?
2. Can you spot the Mistake in this Sudoku?

Are You Quick Enough To Spot The Mistake In This Puzzle?
3. Finding Mistake Sudoku Puzzle.

Can you spot the mistake in less than five seconds?
4. Which cell is wrong in this Sudoku puzzle?

Can you spot this mistake in picture quickly?
5. Can you spot mistake digit in this Sudoku puzzle?

Finding the Mistake Picture Puzzles test your visual or observational skills. Do explore the below-mentioned picture puzzles to test your observational skills.

List of Picture Puzzles

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