Olympic Rings Critical Thinking Puzzle Question with Answer

This Critical Thinking Puzzle Question is dedicated to all the participants of the Olympic Games. This is a very interesting Olympic Rings Puzzle Question. Critical mathematical and logical thinking is required to solve this puzzle. In this puzzle, there are some numbers inside the Olympic Rings. Your challenge in this critical thinking puzzle is to find the relationship between the numbers in these rings. Once you are able to crack the logic, find the value of the missing number in one of the Olympic Ring.

Can you find the missing number? 4 (9) 5, 5 (16) 3, 3 (40) ?, ? (13) 6.
Can you solve this Olympic Rings Puzzle Question?

This is not a very easy puzzle. However, if your critical thinking logical, and mathematical skills are good, you should be able to solve this puzzle within a minute. Write down your answer in the comments if you were able to solve this puzzle without looking at our answer. Also, write down your logical reasoning to solve this puzzle.

The answer to this "Olympic Rings Puzzle Question", can be viewed by clicking on the answer button.

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