Tricky and Cool Find the Mistake Brain Teasers

Tricky and cool brain teasers of finding mistakes in given pictures
Sometimes our education and knowledge make us focus and look out for specific things. If given a problem, we try to focus on a certain area and ignore the other. Here are very interesting fun brain teasers with answers that will show out our problem of thinking specific. In all these tricky brain teasers one has to find the mistakes in the given images. Some times our eyes can not process and see very obvious.  Let us see how fast you can solve this easy brain teaser? So are you ready to take this challenge to find the mistake in picture puzzles?
Answers link to these puzzles is provided at the end of this post. It's always interesting to read the comments of the visitors and their answers. Please post your answers to these puzzles in the comments.
Tricky brain riddle of finding mistake in given picture
1. Tricky brain riddle of finding a mistake in given picture
You have great observation skill in case you solved the above puzzle in your first try. You should test your observation by solving these tough Picture Puzzles for Genius Minds.
Proceed to the next one if you are able to find a mistake in the previous puzzle. Next one is not very difficult. This puzzle being very easy one even kids will not take much time to solve it. Let us see how many time you will take to solve this puzzle?
Can You Find the Mistake? Riddle
2. Can You Find the Mistake in this picture?
This 2nd Puzzle was the test of your reading skills. If you solved it correctly, do try to take more reading challenges.
Next one is again tricky brain teaser of finding a mistake in the picture which may twist your mind and will keep you thinking for some time. Let us see how quickly you can solve this one?
Can you find the the mistake in this Image?
3. Can you find the mistake in this Image?
This previous puzzle was the test of your skills to find something wrong or odd from the group. If you are able to solve it correctly, then you should try out Finding the Odd One Out Puzzles.
If you are able to find the mistakes in the previous puzzles, then the next one is going to be easy for you. However, in the next puzzle, it is tricky to find the mistake. Some people will be able to find the mistake in the below picture immediately, but some people will struggle to find any mistake in this image. Let us see how much time will you take to find a mistake in this puzzle?
Tricky Riddle to Find Mistake in Picture
4. Tricky Riddle to Find Mistake in Picture
Previous finding the mistake puzzle was an easy one. If you liked it try out more such Finding the mistake puzzles.
Next one is very tough. If you are able to solve all of the previous puzzles, then only try this puzzle, because one will need an eagle eye to find the mistake in this picture. However, if you have solved the previous puzzles easily then this one also should not be very tough for you :). Let's try if you can solve it as quickly as other puzzles?
Very Hard Puzzle to find mistake in picture
5. Very Hard Puzzle to find the mistake in the picture

The last Puzzle was a hard one. If you are able to solve three puzzles out of given five puzzles, then you have great IQ and your observation skills are very good. Do try some more similar finding mistake picture puzzles.

These finding the mistake puzzles test your observational skills. Here are more picture puzzles, as mentioned below which will test your visual skills.

List of Visual and Observational Puzzles


Anonymous said...

Its mistake not mitsake..
the spelling of mistake is wrng in this picture..

Anonymous said...

oh yea

Anonymous said...

The word mitsake is obviously a clear mistake after all.. the word spelled incorrectly..

Unknown said...

What's up with pic4

karan narang said...

in 3 pic the is written 2times

222 said...

is for pic 3 is it the f?

Unknown said...

MN instead of MM

Unknown said...

And 0o00 for the 5.

Unknown said...

the the

Unknown said...

pic 5

Unknown said...

Pic 2 they 1I number 1 not Letter I

Rajesh Kumar said...

Yes, you are able to find the mistake correctly. Please solve the other mistake finding puzzles on this website and write down your comments and feedback.