Finding Hidden Objects Brain Teasers for Teens and Kids with Answers

Finding Hidden Objects Brain Teasers are one of my favorite brain teasers. In these cool brain teasers, one has to find hidden objects in the given pictures. The objects are inserted in the picture such that these objects get submersed with images and become very difficult to find. With the advancement of technology insertion of objects is being done with computer programs. These programs will scan the picture and will find the area in the image these objects can be put so that it becomes very difficult to find these objects.
Here are some of these images where one has to find the given objects. These images are sorted in order from easy brain teasers to very difficult brain teasers. These cool and fun brain teasers are part of Fun Brain Teasers and Riddles.
Answers link to these Brain Teasers are given at the end of these puzzles. Try to answers all the puzzles without looking at the solutions. Do watch the answers only to check your solutions.
Easy Hidden Objects Brain Teaser
1. Can you find this given object in this picture?

Nature Hidden Objects Brain Teaser
2. How many given objects can you find in this picture?

Statue Hidden Objects Brain Teaser
3. Can you find these Objects in this picture?

Cycling Race Hidden Objects Brain Teaser
4. Find these given objects in the picture.

Historical Palace Hidden Objects Brain Teaser
5. How many of these objects can you find in this picture?

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Here is the answer to the 20th Brain Teaser Question of post titled "Out of Box Thinking Fun Brain Teasers with answers to Challenge your Mind ".
I have hidden this answer to this brain teaser to avoid any spoiler. Do select the text below to read the answer. 
12 - 8 - 3. The "issue" is that 1/2 + 1/3 + 1/8 = 23/24. So if we add one more it will make it divisible by all these given numbers. So this puzzle is solved as below. 
They asked one wise man to help them. The wise man added one of his horses to the herd to get 24 horses in total and then easily completed the testament: daughter got exactly a half (12 horses), second son - exactly one-third (8 horses), and youngest son - exactly one-eighth (3 horses). One horse was left after this and the wise man got it as a "payment" for his help.

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