Logical Sequence Puzzles: Find the Next Numbers

What Comes Next In The Sequence Puzzles

Engage in the intriguing world of Logical Sequence Puzzles with these one-line riddles. Put your logical reasoning to the test as you decipher the missing numbers denoted by the question mark "?". Some puzzles feature finding a single missing number, while others pose the challenge of discovering two numbers to continue the logical sequence.

Challenge yourself without the aid of answers, striving to find the logical connection in each series. The answers, along with detailed explanations, are provided at the end of the post, allowing you to check your solutions and logic. Feel free to share your answers and provide feedback on these brain teasers in the comment section. Are you up for the puzzle challenge? Engage in these brain teasers and put your skills to the test!

Complete the following series:
1. -2,0, 2, 4, 6, ? 10

2. 2, 5,12, ? 36, 53

3. 13, 18,23, 28,? , 38

4. 65, 63, 60, 58, ? 53

5. 34, 77, 43, 26, ? 62

6. 10, 15, ? ,35,55, ?

7. 12, 22,32,42,?, 62

8. 4,27, 25, 343, ......., ................

9. 0, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, ............., .............

10. 7, 4,9,6, 11,..................., .............

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Answers to Logical Sequence Puzzles

1. 8
The pattern is +2 in the last number.

2. 23
The pattern is starting from 2 then sums of the last number and the next prime number.
Example: 2+3, 5+7,.....

3. 33.
The pattern is +5 in the last number

4. 55
The pattern is -2, -3 alternatively

5. 88.
The pattern is the sum of the number before and the number after the required number

6. 25, 65
The pattern is only prime numbers multiplied by 5.

7. 52
The pattern is + 10 in the last number

8. 121, 2197
The pattern is alternatively square and cube of prime numbers

9. 3, 3.5
The pattern is the whole number divided by 2

10. 8, 13
The pattern is -3, +5 alternatively.


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Kindly give reasons of the answers..

Fun With Puzzles said...

Answers along with logical reasoning are provided in this puzzle post. Please let us know if you have any doubts regarding these logical explanations?