What Comes Next In The Sequence Puzzles With Answers

What Comes Next In The Sequence Puzzles
What comes next in the sequence type of brain teasers is very interesting puzzles. Here in these one-line riddles, the sequence of numbers is given and one has to logically find it out what will come to the place of a given question mark "?". In some of the riddles here, one has to find only one missing number. However in a few of these riddles, one has to find two number which will continue the series in the logical sequence.
Answers to all these what comes next riddles are written at the end of this post with a detailed explanation. However, try not to see answers and try to find the logical connection in each of these series. Given answers can be used to check if your answer and logic are correct or not. Do post your answers and feedback regarding these brain teasers in the comment section of this post.

Complete the following series:
1.    -2,0 , 2 , 4 , 6, ?, 10

2.    2, 5,12, ?, 36, 53

3.    13, 18,23, 28,? , 38

4.    65, 63, 60, 58, ?, 53

5.    34, 77, 43, 26, ?, 62

6.    10, 15, ? ,35,55, ?
7.    12, 22,32,42,?, 62

8.    4,27, 25, 343, ......., ................

9.    0, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5,  .............,  .............

10. 7, 4,9,6, 11,..................., .............

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Hidden Answers along with the detailed explanation is given below. Do select the text between the numbers to watch out for the corresponding answer of the riddle sequence. 

1.    8
The pattern is  +2 in the last number.

2.    23
The pattern is starting from 2 then sums of last number and next prime number.
Example: 2+3, 5+7,.....

3.    33.
 The pattern is  +5 in the last number

4.    55
The pattern is  -2, -3 alternatively

5.    88.
The pattern is the sum of the number before and number after the required number

6.    25, 65
The pattern is only prime numbers multiplied by 5.

7.    52
The pattern is  + 10 in the last number

8.    121, 2197
The pattern is  alternatively square and cube of prime numbers

9.    3, 3.5
The pattern is the whole number divided by 2

10.    8, 13
The pattern is -3, +5 alternatively.

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