Hidden Faces Picture Puzzles: Can You Spot Them?

Hidden Faces Picture Puzzles for Kids and Teens

Sometimes information will get so camouflaged in a similar background that it becomes challenging to find the objects. Earlier, we published tough picture brain teasers to find hidden animals in the given puzzle picture images. Some of these picture puzzles were very tough. Here are few brain-challenging picture brain teasers for kids and teens where you have to find the hidden faces. These picture puzzles are easy ones.

In each of these Picture Puzzles, there is a hidden face of either an animal or of a human. These hidden faces get merged so much with the background that it becomes very difficult to find these hidden faces. Try to find these hidden faces as quickly as you can and post your timings to find each hidden face.

Let's start with an easy picture puzzle. In this picture, your challenge is to find the hidden Panda face in the footballs.

Picture Puzzle to find Hidden Panda: Hidden Faces Picture Puzzles
1. Can you find a hidden Panda in this Picture?

The next one is again each Picture Puzzle in which one has to find the hidden Tiger in the given Picture Puzzle Image. Can you find this hidden Tiger in this Picture Puzzle?

Hidden Face Picture Puzzle: Hidden Faces Picture Puzzles
2. Can you find Hidden Tiger Face in this Picture Puzzle?

Let's make it a little tough now. In the following given image, one has to find the hidden face. This hidden face is camouflaged in the stones and may be difficult to find. So your challenge is to find this hidden face as quickly as possible.

Picture Puzzle to find hidden face
3. Can you find Hidden Face in this Picture Puzzle Image?

In the next picture puzzle, instead of a hidden face, there is a fully hidden animal in this given picture puzzle image. Can you find this hidden Giraffe?

Hidden Animal Picture Puzzle: Hidden Faces Picture Puzzles
4. Can you find Hidden Giraffe in this Picture Puzzle?

In the last picture puzzle, there is a hidden human face in this puzzle image. Can you find this hidden face in this picture brain teaser?

Hidden Face Picture Brain Teaser: Hidden Faces Picture Puzzles
5. Find the Hidden Face in this Picture Puzzle Image

For a while, we've kept the answers to these hidden faces picture puzzles concealed to allow visitors the opportunity to attempt to find them. We welcome comments from those who successfully spot these hidden faces.


Amit Agarwal said...

baby face

Rajesh Kumar said...

Yes, looks like baby face

Anonymous said...

middle left

Anonymous said...

i dont see it

Unknown said...

i found the face its in the upper right corner i think. in the 4th picture