Thursday, May 7, 2020

Rebus Picture Puzzles for Teens with Answers

Rebus Picture Puzzles for Teens with Answers
Rebus Brain Teasers are one of the interesting English Word Brain Teasers. The idea of a Rebus Brain Teasers to represent English Phrases and English Idioms in pictorial form. These are sometimes also called Pictograph i.e. giving a graphics representation to the physical objects e.g. Computer Icons which are also known as Ideogram are Pictographs which gives pictorial resemblance to a physical object.
 How to Solve Rebus Picture Puzzles
Here are some Rebus Picture Puzzles in which English Idioms are represented in the form of Picture Puzzle Image. Can you tell the English Idiom represented by each of the Rebus Picture Puzzle?
Answers link of these Rebus Picture Puzzles is given at the end.
Rebus Picture Puzzle
1. Can you tell the English Idiom represented by this Rebus?

Easy Rebus Picture Puzzle
2. Can you solve this easy Rebus Picture Puzzle?

English Idiom Rebus Picture Puzzle
3. Will you find the English Idiom represented by this Rebus?

Pictogram Picture Puzzle
4. What is represented by this Pictograph?

Pictograph Picture Puzzle Rebus
5. Solve this Pictograph Rebus Picture Puzzle.

List of English Word Brain Teasers

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