Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Easy Mathematical Equations with Operators Brain Teasers

Easy Mathematical Equations with Operators Brain Teasers
Solving mathematical equations is very much fun. The fun gets doubled when one has to solve the mathematical brain teasers with equations. Here are some math equations brain teasers. 
In these Mathematical brain teasers some equation is given. However for this equation only numbers are given. One side of these numbers is the equation answers and other side there are numbers on which one has to apply the given operators to get the right side of the equation. These operators can be used as many times as one wants and standard BODMAS rules apply while solving these equations. 
These are easy mathematical equations. Try to solve these equations without looking at the answers. Answers to these math brainteasers will be provided later. However do post your answers for these puzzles in the comment section of this post.

Math Operator Equation Brain Teaser-1
1. Can you make this Maths Equation Correct?

Math Operator Equation Brain Teaser-2
2. Can you solve this Maths Equation Brain Teaser?

Math Operator Equation Brain Teaser-3
3. Can you correct this Maths Equation?

Math Operator Equation Brain Teaser-4
4. Can you correct these Maths Equations?

Math Operator Equation Brain Teaser-5
5. Can you solve these Maths Equations Puzzle?

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Below is the answer of 10th Math Picture puzzle published with title Math Brain Teasers for Kids with answers. We have hidden the answer to avoid someone looking inadvertently at the solution. Do select the text below to read the solution. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 

10. Let me use notations Pink, Green and Blue Flowers respectively in this Math Equation
So the first Math Equation is 3*Pink = 60 => Pink = 20
Second math equation is 20 + 2*Green = 30 => 2*Green = 10 => Green = 5
Third Math equation is 5-Blue = 3 => Blue = 2
Last equation gives 2+20*5 = 2 + 100 = 102.
So the answer to this Math Equation is 102.


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