Kids Fun Math Brain Teasers with Answers and Explanations

Easy Maths Number Brain Teaser
1. Can you find the missing number?

Solving the Maths Number Brain Teasers is very fun. Kids enjoy solving such Fun Maths Puzzles. We have created many fun Maths Picture Puzzles for Kids in which some numbers are given around a Geometrical shape that is logically related to each other. One of the numbers is missing in the group around the shape and the challenge is to find that missing number. Here is some more finding on the missing number of easy Maths Brain Teasers for kids.

How to Solve Fun Maths Brain Teasers

In these Fun Maths Brain Teasers, five numbers are given in a square. These five numbers are related to each other with some logical relationship. One number out of these five numbers in a square is missing. Your challenge is to find the logical relationship between these numbers and then find the missing number which will replace the question mark.
Answers to these Fun Maths Number Brain Teasers are given at the end along with their explanations.

Maths Number Brain Teaser for Kids
2. Can you solve for the missing number?

Maths Numbers Brainteaser for Kids
3. What is the missing number?

Number Maths Brain Teaser for Kids
4. Can you find the missing number in this Maths Puzzle?

Number Maths Puzzle for Kids
5. Find the missing number in this maths picture puzzle.

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Fun Math Brain Teasers Answers and Explanation

Answers to these Fun Maths Number Brain Teasers are given below along with their explanations. To understand the answers and explanations of these Maths Number Brain Teasers let's mark the numbers as A, B, C, and D clockwise starting from the top left number. Also, mark the central number as E.

E = A + B + C + D

E = (A x C) + (B x D)

E = (Difference of A and B) + (Difference of C and D)

E = (Square of A+B) + (Square of C+D)

E = ( A x B) + (C + D)

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