What am I? Brain Test: English Riddles and Puzzles

English Riddle: Give me Food, and I will live. Give me water, and I will die. What am I?

Engage in a brain test with 'What am I?' English riddles and puzzles. Challenge yourself with these captivating brain teasers and discover the answers.

It contains a riddle that will twist your brain. In these riddles, you have to read the given riddle statement carefully and then tell about "What am I". You can take your time to solve each riddle. Try to solve each riddle in the allocated time. However, if you need more time to solve a particular riddle, then you can pause the video. Let's see if you can solve these Riddles?

Answers to these What am I, Riddles are given immediately. Post your answer for the last riddle in the comments.

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