Thursday, November 2, 2017

Quick Puzzle Riddles with answers for kids

Quick Puzzle Riddles with answers for kids
Earlier we have published "What am I?"word riddles in which hints of the given English words have been given and one has to guess the English word name. Here are the similar quick puzzle riddles for kids in which you have to quickly guess "What am I"? Previous puzzles required the knowledge of English to solve these but here no knowledge of any language is required to solve these quick riddles.
How to Solve "What am I"? quick riddles
Here are five picture puzzle images containing riddles. In all of the these riddles you have to tell "What am I"? which is being talked in the riddle. You have to answer these riddles as quickly as possible.
Lets see how quickly you can solve these riddles. Answers of these quick riddles is given at the end.
Brain Teaser Question for Kids
1. Can you quickly tell "What am I"?

Easy Riddle for Kids
2. Find "What am I?" as quickly as possible.

Mind Bending Riddle for Kids
3. Can you figure out "What am I"?

Mind Twisting Riddle for Kids
4. Tell quickly "What am I"?

Quick Riddle for Kids
5. Try to quickly find out "What am I"?

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  1. fire give me food i will live. give me water i will die

    1. Yes, your answer to 5th puzzle riddle is right.

  2. both have no direct relationship but the free efficient expression binds them,what are they?

    1. One of the possible answer for this could be eyes.


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