Rebus or Pictogram Quiz Puzzles with answers of English Idioms

Rebus or Pictogram Quiz Puzzles with answers
Pictogram is also called Pictograph or Pictogramme. It is to represent an idea or meaning in pictures. Similar Rebus is a puzzle in which words are represented in the combination of pictures. Here I am posting some Rebus or Pictogram Puzzle in which one has to find common English Idioms or Phrases. We have tried to represent an English idiom in pictorial form. Find the English Idiom or Phrase represented by each of the given pictures below.
In case you think that there could be another meaning of the given pictogram, do write your views in the comment section. Answers link to these puzzles is added at the end of this post.
Rebus English Idiom Quiz-Dog
1. Can you find the hidden meaning represented in this Picture?
Rebus English Idiom Quiz-Man
2. Can you find hidden meaning English Idiom represented by this Picture?

Rebus English Idiom Quiz-Baby
3. What is the Hidden Meaning of this Picture?

Rebus English Idiom Quiz-Brain
4. What English Idiom represented by this Rebus?

Rebus English Idiom Quiz-Sky
5. What is the hidden meaning of this picture?

Rebus English Idiom Quiz-Cat
6. What is hidden Idiom represented by this picture puzzle?

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