Easy Rebus Puzzles for Kids with Answers

Easy Rebus Puzzles for Kids with Answers
Rebus is an allusion device that uses the picture to represent a word or word parts. Rebus communicates the messages by symbols and pictures. Rebus Puzzles will be in the form of pictures and one has to decipher the message, word, or phrase from it.
These Rebus Puzzles are some of the few initial puzzles to this type published on this website. So starting it with the easy Rebus Puzzle for kids. These are the easy rebus puzzles that will also help the people to understand this puzzle type who are new to this puzzle type.

Easy Rebus Puzzle
1. Easy Rebus Puzzle

Easy Rebus Riddle for Kids
2. Easy Rebus Riddle for Kids

Kids Rebus Puzzle
3. Kids Rebus Puzzle

Rebus Puzzle for Kids
4. Rebus Puzzle for Kids

Rebus Riddle for Kids
5. Rebus Riddle for Kids
Answers of Easy Rebus Puzzles

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cute rebuses

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Thanks for linking our rebus puzzles. Please share it with your friends.

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i dont see the answer key

Rajesh Kumar said...

Answer link to these Rebus puzzles is given after the last puzzle image. Please let me know if you are still now able to view answers to these Rebus #puzzles?