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There are many types of puzzles. Check it out.....
Earlier time we solve Sudoku, Paheli, Word puzzles and many more for fun in newspapers or magazine.
In the modern era, there are many types of way of fun that spread knowledge also; one of them is a puzzle.
Now the first question is what is the puzzle?
I think a puzzle is a problem-solving game that tests someone's intelligence or IQ level.
 In this amazing game, the participant has to put the puzzling problem in a logical way, to reach the solution of the problem.
It is often created for fun and entertainment but they can also have arisen from serious mathematical or logistical problems.
It is seriously used in academies for teaching any project to kids and students.
In a general way the puzzle is any task which satisfies these two conditions:
Which entertains the solver?
There should be a well-defined solution.
Types of puzzles:
I find many types of puzzles nowadays; here I will discuss some of them which are the most popular types...

1- Math Puzzles:

If Given XY=6xy=6, XZ=10xz=10 and YZ=15yz=15, then find the value of the XYZxyz.
Math Puzzle Example
Mathematical puzzles have some specific rules. The solver has to find the pattern and implement it to get the solution. But in this type of puzzle does not usually involve competition between two or more players.
These types of puzzles don't solve with a fixed formula basically which we taught in schools. We have to find a new pattern in every puzzle to get the answer.
These types of puzzles require mathematics to solve them. Logic puzzles are a common type of mathematical puzzle.
Martin Gardner’s maestro of recreational maths was born 100 years ago today. Nowadays he is probably best known – and most loved – for popularizing mathematical puzzles.
Have a look for an example of Crazy cut Puzzle Type:
Make One Cut to divide the given picture into two identical parts
Crazy Cut Puzzle Example

2 - Word puzzles
Word puzzles are puzzles that consist of language knowledge. It often finds in different types of games and funs the list is here.

Anagram- Anagram is one of the most popular types of word puzzles. In this puzzle, you are given a group of letters and you have to build words as much as possible from those given letters.

Examples of Crossword Puzzles
Crossword- When we talk about word puzzles probably the first thing that spring to mind is crossword. The most popular form of the crossword is a grid of squares, in which some are filled with numbers, and rest to fill with clues along the side of the page. 

Jumbled-  This clear with the name, you will get a random-looking arrangement of letters that you have to re-arrange these words and make a word or sentence in a proper way. Jumbled word puzzle tests and skill of your spelling knowledge of solver.
Can you read this Jumbled Words Quote?
Can you read these Jumbled Words?

Letter Arrangement- In a letter arrangement puzzle, you get some letter and you tasked to creating as much as words from these limited letters. In some cases, there are some restrictions like you have to use one letter one time.
Rebus- In the rebus puzzle, you will be given the form of printed pictures, words, or symbols arranged in a way that shows as a clue for the solution of puzzle you have to understand and give the answer.
Can you solve this Rebus Picture Puzzle?
Can you solve this Rebus?

Semantics- Mostly word puzzles have to involve spelling or finding words. Instead of other puzzles, Semantics games focus on the meaning of words and it examination the skill of players at the table.
Word Search- In word search puzzles you will find gives a grid of square of letters, with a list of clues or a theme. Now you have to try to find those words within these given grids. You can find these words going up and down, left to right, diagonally.

3 - Riddles :

I have a head, I have a tail, but I do not have a body. I am neither a lizard nor a snake. Then, guess What am I?
Riddle Example
A riddle is a statement or question or phrase developed to get unexpected or smart output, often having veiled or more than one meaning. 
Riddles are of two types: 


1- Enigmas- which are problems generally expressed in illustrative or parabolic language that require brilliance and talent to solve these types of problems.

2- Conundra- Conundrums are those types of questions that commit on banter for putting effects in a question

There are many riddles use in the same form across the whole world. But some of riddles trends in the small, local area and different languages. There are many riddles available in English but in India, there are uncountable riddles are available in many local languages.

Hindi Riddle example:
कान है पर बहरी हूँ, मुँह है पर मौन हूँ। आँखें हैं पर अंधी हूँ, बताओ मैं कौन हूँ।।
Practice set in Hindi

4 - Logic Puzzles

A logic puzzle is a puzzle deriving from the deduction of the mathematical field. It typically defined by a grid which must be solved by following some well-defined rules. 

logic puzzles are well known as Sudoku but it has some completely non-verbal in nature. The nonogram (Nonograms, also known as Picross or Griddlers) also called "Paint by Numbers"; using deduction to correctly fill in a well-defined grid with black-and-white squares to produce a picture is also a logic puzzle.

Examples: include Sudoku, Nonogram, Calcudoku, Masyu, and logic grid puzzles.
Example of Nonogram Logic Puzzle
Example of Nonogram Puzzle

5- Trivia puzzles

Trivia puzzles are just similar to cryptic puzzles, it has a custom design (otherwise, they’re just plain trivia). While trivia has some cryptic elements, such a puzzle may also be accurate. In any case, the player must have some knowledge to solve such puzzles or the skill to practice the topic.

6- Mechanical Puzzles

This type of puzzle is present a set of mechanically interlinked pieces in which the solution is to manipulate the whole object or parts of it. 
The most popular example of a mechanical puzzle is Rubik’s Cube invented by Erno Rubik’s 1974. Mostly these puzzles are developed for a single-player. Mechanical puzzle help in mind, they are often used as an intelligence test or in problem-solving training.
Examples: include nail puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, Rubik’s Cubes.

7. Brainteasers

A brain teaser is a form of problem for which it is hard to find the answer, it requires unconventional ways to solve the problem. It often two answers one may be a given pattern and the second will be the original answer. Logic puzzles and riddles are specific examples of brain teasers.
Greek mathematician Archimedes the earliest known for using brain problems for his contemporaries to solve.
Sony’s father has five daughters: 1. Nene, 2. Nini, 3. Nono 4. Nunu. What is the name of the fifth daughter?

Conclusion:  From ancient, to modern days we feel major changes in technology and time pass also. This time you have many ways to play a game and have fun with the best knowledge. 

In this post types of puzzles, we discussed best and popular puzzle types which are available on online platforms. 

The answers to these Example Puzzles can be viewed by clicking on the answer button.

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