How Do You Crack a 3-Digit Puzzle? | Crack the Code Puzzle

The 3 Digit Puzzle is a very interesting puzzle type. In this puzzle, you will be given some clues to crack the 3-digit code. Logical deduction using these clues will lead to the correct code which will open the lock.
In this crack-the-code puzzle tutorial, I will teach you, step by step to solve a digit puzzle. Below is an easy crack-the-code puzzle. The tutorial to solve this puzzle is provided in this post. Try to crack the code and see if you solve it correctly.

Can you Crack the Code and find the 3-digit code?
Crack the 3-digit Code and Open the Lock

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How to Solve the 3 Digit Puzzle?

Our challenge in this crack-the-code puzzle is to find the correct 3-digit code which will open the lock. Let's mark these 3 digits with alphabets A B C.
The first clue tells that only one digit is correct and its position is also correct. It means that exactly one of the digits out of 1 4 2 is correct.
The second clue tells that two numbers are correct and also their position is correct. 
Now combining the information from the 1st and 2nd clues our 3-digits are from the following 6 digits
1 4 2 3 0 9
3rd clue removes 4 from our list so our final 3-digits are from the following set
1 2 3 0 9
4th Clue says that only one digit among 1 3 9 is correct. It means that the remaining digits 2 and 0 are part of the correct 3-digit code
By combing information in the 2nd and 4th Clue we can conclude logically that the 3rd is one among 3 or 9.
Now apply clue 1 on our superset and C=2
So out code _A_ _B_ 2
Now apply this information to clue 2 and we can conclude that 9 cannot be the correct digit as 2 is already there in its place. 
So the other two digits are 3 and 0 in the correct order.
So our 3-digit code for this puzzle is 3 0 2
Once you learn to solve the 3-digit lock puzzle, try out similar crack-the-code puzzles from our website on the below-mentioned link.


Anonymous said...

Really easy. Took me 3 minutes to answer. The answer is 302. 5 years old.

Rajesh Kumar said...

At the age of 5, you are a genius to solve this crack the code puzzle in 3 minutes.
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