Critical Thinking Puzzles: Lateral Thinking Math Questions

This puzzle video contains the 5 math logic puzzles that will make you think critically. Let's see if you crack these lateral thinking maths questions?

There are 5 maths reasoning puzzle questions in this video. Each puzzle has have series of logical equations. These equations seem to be incorrect if someone looks from a mathematical angle. However, there is a logical pattern hidden in these number equations that makes these equations correct. Your challenge is to crack the logic hidden in these equations and then solve the last equations to find the value of the missing number.

If 1 + 2 + 3 = 343, 2+3+6=666, 3+4+5=985 Then 2+3+3=?. Can you solve this Maths Reasoning Logic Question?
Critical Thinking Puzzles: Lateral Thinking Math Question

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