Logical Puzzle Questions of Maths to Challenge Your Brain

Here are the logical questions of Maths that will challenge your brain. In these logical puzzles, you are given some logical equations.  Your challenge is to crack the logic in these equations. Once you are able to find the logic, find the value of the missing number in the last equation. Write down your answers to these puzzles in the comments.
1. Can you solve this Logical Puzzle Question?

If 64=36, 52=48, 78=22, 82=18 Then 46=?
2. Can you crack this missing number in this puzzle?

If 134725=4, 567892=2, 341234=2, 513465=5 Then 437891=?
Can you find the Missing Number?

If 1+2=6, 2+4=12, 3+4=17, 4+6=23 Then 5+8=?
Can you solve this Logical Puzzle?

If 61=21, 12=26, 23=37, 34=48 Then 45=?
Can you solve this Maths Logic Puzzle?

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1. 576
Let's say the answer is ABC where
A is the position of the planet in the solar system.
B=Number of letters in the word on the right side of the equation.
C=Position of the last vowel in the word.

2. 54
The sum of the numbers on both sides of the equation is 100.
3. 7
The second digit on the left side of the number tells the position of the digit to put on the right side of the equation.

4. 29
If A+B=C is the given equation the C can be found  below
C = AB/2

5. 59
IF AB=C is the given equation the C can be found below
C = BA+5

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20 is the answer of first question