Test Your English Brain: 7-Letter Word Puzzle Challenge

Ready to exercise your brain cells with an exciting English Word Puzzle? This brain test will push your linguistic skills to the limit! Your task is to discover a 7-letter word that meets all the criteria laid out in the provided 7 statements. Each statement is a clue, and only one word can satisfy them all.

Sharpen your vocabulary and analytical prowess as you embark on this mind-twisting journey. Can you crack this wordy enigma? Your determination and word-sleuthing skills will be put to the ultimate test. Give it your best shot and reveal the mystery word that fits the bill. Share your findings in the comments below and challenge your friends to take on this brain-bending English puzzle too!

1. X is 7 letter word. X is impossible for God. New born babies like X better than milk. The poor has X and the rich look for X from the poor. If you eat X, you will die. x is more important than your life. Can you find X?
7-Letter Word Puzzle Challenge: Can you find X?

The answer to this "7-Letter Word Puzzle Challenge", can be viewed by clicking on the answer button.


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I really like it,,,, good job,,,,, keep doing it

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Answer is 7