Tough Odd One Out Picture Puzzles for Teens and Adults with Answers

Recently we have published Odd one Out Number Puzzles which were very much loved by our audience. In those puzzles, one has to find a number that is different from others among the given set of numbers. However Visual Picture Puzzles are different and are very interesting puzzle types. Kids will love to solve these puzzles as these puzzles do not require any knowledge of mathematical calculations. Also, these puzzles are language-neutral puzzles. It means to solve these puzzles, not specific language knowledge is required. We have already published Odd One Out Picture Puzzles for Kids which were an easy one. Today's Picture Puzzles are tough and hence recommended only for teens and adults as kids may find these puzzles very difficult. 
Finding the Odd One Out among the given pictures is a very interesting visual picture puzzle. In these puzzles, three pictures are given. On the first look, all these three pictures will look exactly alike. However, two of these pictures are exactly the same and the third one is different slightly from the other two pictures. One has to spot this difference between the one picture from the others in these pictures.
Here in this post, I am putting 5 different puzzles. Answer links to these puzzles are given next to each puzzle. However, try not to look at the answers immediately. Don't give up easily and try to solve these picture puzzles as quickly as possible.

Spot The Difference Picture Brain Teaser Eyes
1. Can you spot which one is different?

Spot The Difference Picture Brain Teaser Flowers
2. Can you find which one is different?

Spot The Difference Picture Brain Teaser Giraffe
3. Can you find which is the Odd One Out Picture?

Spot The Difference Picture Brain Teaser of Smiling Man
4. Can you find which two pictures are exactly similar in this puzzle?

The next Spot the Difference puzzle is the toughest of all these puzzles. Try not to look at the answer to this puzzle. Give your 100% before looking at the answer to this puzzle.
Spot The Difference Picture Brain Teaser of Horse
5. Can you solve this tough Odd One Out Picture Puzzle?

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List of Odd One Out Puzzles and Brain Teasers

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Answer is 20. Add the top left number (11) and bottom left number (4) and you get 15. Add the two left middle numbers (7 and 8) and they total 15. Therefore, when you add the two middle right numbers (16 and 17), they total 33. So the top right and bottom right numbers must total 33. 13 plus 20 equals 33.

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