Logical IQ Math Question: Crack the Code!

Put your logical reasoning skills to the ultimate test with this intriguing Logical IQ Math Question! This brain teaser presents a series of logical equations.

These number equations are incorrect mathematical. However, there is a hidden pattern in these number equations that makes these number equations logically correct. There is a clue in each number equation using which you can unravel the hidden logic. Can you crack the code to find out this hidden logical pattern and then the value of the missing number in the last equation.

IF  2=11, 3=30, 4=67, 5=128 Then 1=?. Can you solve this Logical IQ Math Question?
Can you solve this Logical IQ Math Question?

This mental ability question statement reads "IF  2=11, 3=30, 4=67, 5=128 Then 1=?". Can you solve this Logical IQ Math Question to find the value of "1" in the last number equation?

The answer to this "Logical IQ Math Question" can be viewed by clicking the button. Please do give your best try before looking at the answer.


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the answer is 4, cube each number and add three, you will get the right answer

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