Brain Maths Logic Puzzles with Answers for Teens

Can you solve it for missing number?
There are many different kinds of logical puzzles. There are logical puzzles in which one story runs and at the end, one has to logical deduct the answer. There are also logical puzzles in which sequence of numbers is given and one has to tell logical which number will come next. Also, there are may favourite car parking logical problems. Do try these puzzles if you like to solve logical puzzles. There is a very interesting logical puzzle type in which if statements are given and then one has to find the logic in these equations and deduct the answer.
In these puzzles, there are some equations given which if read logical is correct and follow a certain mathematical pattern. One has to deduct the logical pattern in these equations and then solve the last equations.
We are posting these puzzles in order from easy to tough. However difficulty level of the puzzles varies from individuals to individual. Let us see how many of these puzzles you can solve quickly? Do post your answers in the comment box of this post. Answers of these Brain Maths Logic Puzzles is given in this post at the end.

Maths Picture Puzzles to test your logical reasoning.
1. Can you solve it?

Logical Puzzle which also tests your Maths skills
2. Can you find the missing number?

Logical puzzle for Genius Minds
3. Can you find this missing number?

Solve this Maths and Logical Reasoning Puzzle if your are genius
4. If you can solve it, you are genius

Hard Logical picture puzzle for genius people
5. Can you solve this tough logical picture puzzle?

These kinds of Maths Logic Brain Puzzles test your both Mathematical skills as well as Logical Reasoning. Below is a list of similar puzzles which you should try out to increase your brainpower.
List of Maths and Logical Puzzles

1) Maths Logic Puzzles Brain Teasers with Answers: In these Maths Logic Puzzles, some Logical Equations are given which follows certain Mathematical pattern. Your challenge is to find this pattern and then solve the last equation. 

2) River Crossing Brain Challenges with Answers: In these logical river crossing brain challenges, your task is to use your logical reasoning to help some people to cross the bridge.

3) Most Tricky Questions in Pictures: These are very tricky logical questions which are presented in the pictures.

4) Tricky Maths Brain Challenges with answers: At last these Circle Maths Hard Brian Challenges in which your challenge is to find the missing number around the Circle which will replace the question mark.
Here is the answer to 9th Brain Teaser Questions of the post titled "Simple Math Riddles for Teens and Kids with Answers to Twist your Brain".
I have hidden this answer to avoid any spoiler. Do select the text below to read the answer.
The answer is 16. If ABxCD = E Then E = A+B+C+D.


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