Maths IQ Riddles: Fun Challenges for Kids and Teens

Maths IQ Riddles: Fun Challenges for Kids and Teens

Mathematical questions are very much fun to do. I have seen many students fear Math. However if one can learn the basic concepts in Maths then nothing is more interesting than Mathematics. Now if we mix a little bit of Logic in Math questions to give a twist then we will have a great set of Maths brain teasers

Here are a few such Math riddles to give a twist to your mind. The level of these Math brain teasers is from the 5th Class onwards. Any kid who is in 5th Standard or more than 10 years old should be able to solve it quickly. I will be posting the answers to these Math puzzles soon. Try to solve it without looking at answers and post your answers in the comment section of this post.

Q1.     Add the following:
a) 30 h  40min  53sec & 20h 8 min 3 sec
b) 40m  53cm & 30 m   20cm
c) 67kg  873g & 4 kg  37g
d) 87 L 56ml & 4 L  40ml

Q2.     A man has 20,000 Rs which contains 500 and 1000 Rs notes. If the number of 500 Rs notes is 20. Find the number of 1000 Rs notes.

Q3.  Ahana bought dresses for herself and spent Rs 3000 on them. She had 5000 Rs with her now. She wishes to shop for her mother. How much money is left with her to buy a gift for her mother?

Q4.   Understand the logic used in the following and fill in the blanks using the same logic:
a) 1,6,13,22,33,46,......, .......,  ....,  ............
b) 4,9,16,25, ....,  .....,   .........,   ..................

Q5.    IF HONESTY = 106,  GOOD = 41, then BLESSING= .................

Q6.     IF  PUZZLER = 1533248, FAN = 607, then,  FUNPUZZLE =.............

Q7.     What comes next  see the series:
     AM,  DP,  GS,   JV, ......,   ........,  ...........

Q8.    IF THEM =1234, OLA=567, VAN=879, then find the meaning of 65834712.

Q9.    In a particular language if FUN is written as UNF, and WITH is written as ITHW, then how will PUZZLE be written?

Q10.  If  the mathematical operations are changed in such a way that 
15+3-5x10=50, then find the value of 20+10-6x3=................?

The answer to these brain teasers' questions math is as below. I have hidden the answers to these riddles. To see the answer, do select the text between the numbers.
Ans 1. 
a) 50H 48 min 56 sec

b) 70 m 73 cm

c) 71 kg 910g

d) 91 L 96 ml

Ans 2.  
Number of 500 Rs notes= 20
Suppose the number of 1000Rs notes = x
Therefore, 500x20+1000x=20000
10000 + 1000x = 20000
1000x= 20000-10000
1000x = 10000
X=10, Therefore there are 10 notes of Rs1000.

Ans 3. 
The total money that Ahana has is = 5000
Money spent on her dresses = 3000
Money left to buy a gift for mother= 5000-3000= 2000

Ans 4. 
1,6,13,22,33,46,.. 61,78,97,118
4,9,16,25, 36, 49,64, 81

Ans 5. 
87,  Logic used is the sum of the  place value of alphabets as shown below:

Ans 6. 
657153324, Logic is a particular value assigned to the alphabet in PUZZLER and FAN. We should use the same numerical value for finding out the answer. The example value of F=6, U=5, N=7, and so on.

Ans 7. 
AM,  DP,  GS,   JV, MY, PB, SE
Logic is skipping count by three of the first alphabet will give you the first alphabet of the next series and skip count by three of the second alphabet gives you the second alphabet and so on.
 Example: A,   B,    C,   D. And M      N,     O    P.

Ans 8. 
Logic is again the value of each number is given as alphabets as 6=L, 5 =O, 8 =V, 3 =E, etc.

Ans 9. 
UZZLEP. The first alphabet changed its position to last.

Ans 10. 
+ is used to subtract,  - is used to multiply and x is used to subtract again.

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