Brain-Tickling Letter Sequence Puzzle with an Answer

Get ready to tickle your brain with this captivating Letter Sequence Puzzle. Your challenge is to decipher the pattern in the given sequence of letters and identify the next three letters that will complete the sequence.

Complete the Sequence ADF-FIK-KNP-__? Can you solve this Brain-Tickling Letter Sequence Puzzle?
Can you complete the sequence?

Engage in critical thinking, observe the connections between the letters, and apply your intellect to unlock the mystery. This mental ability question is different from the other number sequence puzzles. Most of the number sequence puzzles contain a series of number and one has to find the next number in the series. However, in this puzzle, there are groups of three letters and your challenge is to complate the sequence of 3 letters by cracking the logic in this letter sequence.

The answer to this "Sequence Completion Puzzle"  can be viewed by clicking on the button. Please do give your best try before looking at the answer.

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