Spot the Mistake: Calendar Puzzle Brain Teasers

Can you find the Mistake in Calendar Pictures?

Welcome to the world find the mistake picture puzzles. Over the past few years, the visual brain teasers have become very famous on our Fun With Puzzles website. Out of the visual puzzle, find the mistake picture puzzle especially are liked by our audience.

So, to say thanks to our audience, we keep on creating visual problems where one has to spot the mistakes in the given puzzle images.

In this article, there are 4 challenging find-the-mistake visual puzzles. In these picture puzzles, there are the pictures of calendar in the year 2018. However, there is one deliberate mistake in each of the calender puzzle pictures. Your challenge in these picture riddles is to spot the mistake in each calendar picture.

So, are you ready for the calendar mistake advantages? Let the mistake-finding fun begin!

Finding Mistake in Calendar Picture Puzzle
1) Can you find a mistake in this calendar?

Picture Puzzles to find mistake in given calendar
2) Can you find a mistake in this Picture Puzzle?

Calendar Puzzle to find the mistake in given puzzle picture
3) If you are a genius find the mistake in this picture 

Mistake Puzzle Picture of Calendar
4) Share it when you find the mistake in this puzzle picture

Answers to Mistake Finding Puzzles


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Jan 1 is a Monday, loosers!