Spot the Mistake: Calendar Puzzle Brain Teasers

Can you find the Mistake in Calendar Pictures?

Welcome to the captivating world of Finding the Mistake Puzzles! These visual brain teasers have become a favorite on the Fun With Puzzles website, and today's challenge is all about calendar pictures. Your task is to uncover the single error hidden within each Calendar Puzzle Image.

Pay close attention to the details in each puzzle image and use your keen observation skills to spot the mistake as quickly as possible. Test your visual acuity and have fun engaging your brain in this exciting puzzle adventure.

Remember, the answers to these Mistake Puzzles will be revealed later, so make sure to post your answers in the comment section and see how well you fare compared to others. Get ready to enjoy the thrill of finding mistakes and challenging yourself with these intriguing calendar puzzles!

Finding Mistake in Calendar Picture Puzzle
1) Can you find a mistake in this calendar?

Picture Puzzles to find mistake in given calendar
2) Can you find a mistake in this Picture Puzzle?

Calendar Puzzle to find the mistake in given puzzle picture
3) If you are a genius find the mistake in this picture 

Mistake Puzzle Picture of Calendar
4) Share it when you find the mistake in this puzzle picture

Answers to Mistake Finding Puzzles


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Jan 1 is a Monday, loosers!