Math Riddle: Missing Number Logical Reasoning Question

Put your intelligence to the test with this mind-bending math riddle. This challenging brain game puzzle will twist your brain as you try to unravel the logical reasoning behind the given number equations. Sharpen your math skills and hone your logical reasoning abilities as you search for the missing number that fits the pattern.

Designed to stimulate young minds, this brain teaser for teenagers is an excellent way to improve problem-solving skills and critical thinking. Analyze the series of numbers carefully, apply your logical prowess, and unlock the solution to the missing number. Get ready to feel a sense of accomplishment as you crack the code and reveal the hidden pattern in this exciting and fun-filled logical puzzle.

IF  3 + 4 = 19  5 + 6 = 41  2 + 7 = 51   THEN   1 + 3 = ? Can you solve this Missing Number Logical Reasoning Question?
Can you solve this Mathematical Riddle?

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Your answer to this mathematical riddle differs from our answer. It will be great if you can post your logic.

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Unknown said...

How come that you use a figure as a variable for another figure ????

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BW said...

I think the answer should be 5
1+2= 3 + 0 3 d number in prime sequence = 5
3+4=19 7 + 1 8th number in prime sequence = 19
5+6=41 11+ 2 13 number in prime sequence = 41


7+8=83 15+3 18th number in the prime sequence = 83