Teen Mathematics Brain Test: Circle Triangles

Teen Mathematics Brain Test: Circle Triangles

Physical exercise is important for the body, and mental exercise is crucial for the brain. Engage in some mental workouts with this mathematics brain test tailored for teenagers. While kids might find it a bit challenging, adults may find it more manageable depending on their experience with math and puzzle-solving.

In this brain test, you will encounter four mathematics puzzles, each featuring circles placed on the edges of triangles, with corner circles shared between two edges. Your objective is to carefully position numbers in these circles so that the sum of the numbers along each side of the triangle equals the same value. Remember, you must use each given number exactly once. These puzzles are designed to test and improve your mathematical skills and critical thinking. Don't forget to post your answers in the comments section, and stay tuned for the solutions provided at the end of this post. Enjoy the challenge and have fun solving these tricky number puzzles!

Teen Mathematics Brain Test: Circle Triangles-1
1. Put given numbers in circles to make the sum equal on each side.

Teen Mathematics Brain Test: Circle Triangles-2
2. Put numbers in Circles to make the sum on each side equal.

Teen Mathematics Brain Test: Circle Triangles-3
3. Put given Numbers in Circles so that sum on each side of the triangle is the same.

Teen Mathematics Brain Test: Circle Triangles-4
4. Put given numbers in circles to make each sum on the sides the same.

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