Matchstick Puzzles for Kids with Answers

Matchstick Puzzles for kids with solutions
As a kid, I used to play with matchstick puzzles. By taking matchstick we used to make the patterns and challenge friends to solve these puzzles. Earlier I have published Matchstick Math Puzzles for Kids in which one has to move one matchstick to solve the given mathematical equation correctly. These puzzles were very much liked by the audience, then I created Matchstick Math Puzzles for Teens in which one has to move exactly two matchsticks to make the given Math equations correct. Today's matchstick puzzles are not mathematical. However, these are observational or visual puzzles.
In each of these matchstick puzzles, one picture is given and one has to change the direction of this picture by moving a specific number of matchsticks to the new position. The number of matchsticks which will be required to be moved will differ from puzzle to puzzle and the specific count is mentioned in each of the puzzles. These are very easy puzzles. Kids will like it and find it challenges. However, teens and adults may find these puzzles easy. Let us see how many of these puzzles you can solve without looking at the answers?
Answers link of these puzzles is given at the end of this post. Do post your answer in the comment section of this post.
Matchstick Puzzle for kids-Donkey
1. Matchstick Puzzle for kids-Donkey

Matchstick Puzzle for kids-Fish
2. Matchstick Puzzle for kids-Fish

Matchstick Puzzle for kids-Pattern
3. Matchstick Puzzle for kids-Pattern

Matchstick Puzzle for kids-Glass
4. Matchstick Puzzle for kids-Glass

Matchstick Puzzle for kids-Dog
5. Matchstick Puzzle for kids-Dog

Here is the answer to 3rd Brain Teaser Question of post titled "Out of Box Thinking Fun Brain Teasers with answers to Challenge your Mind ".
I have hidden this answer to avoid any spoiler. Do select the text below to read the answer.  
46 is the answer. Multiply 2nd and 3rd number and add to it square of 1st number.

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Anya Linley said...

Nice selection. I have to disagree with how you've worded the first question though. The donkey doesn't face the opposite direction. Just a different diretion.