Mind Twisting Rebus Puzzles with Answers

This Page contains the Rebus Puzzles in which your challenge is to find the hidden meaning in the puzzle image.
Rebus is a very Interesting Puzzle type. In Mathematical Puzzles, you need to know the Maths. To solve Logical Puzzles you need to have good Logical thinking ability. Similar to solve Rebus puzzles you need to have good English Language Knowledge. In Rebus Puzzles English language Phrases and Idioms are represented by pictures. Here are some tough rebus puzzles.

How to solve Rebus Puzzles

In these rebus puzzles, English Language phrases and idioms are represented by the pictures. Your challenge is to guess the English idiom or phrase represented by these picture puzzle images.
Answers to these Rebus Puzzles are given at the end. Do post your answers in the comment section.

1. Can you solve this rebus picture puzzle?

Can you find the hidden meaning of this Rebus Puzzle?
2. What does this Rebus represent?

What is the meaning of this Rebus Picture Puzzle?
3. Can you decode this rebus picture puzzle?

4. Rebus Picture Puzzle to tickle your mind

5. Can you solve this tough rebus picture puzzle?

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Answer link to these mind twisting Rebus puzzle is given in the post. Please check again and let me know if there are any issues locating the answer link?