Intelligence Test Question and Answer

This tricky brain teaser presents a unique challenge with letters and number equations. Decipher the logic behind each equation to reveal the relationship between given letters and numbers.

This is a very interesting intelligence test question that contains the letters vs numbers equations. There is hidden logic that binds the letters with the numbers in each equation. Study the hints given in each equation to decode this hidden logical pattern. Once you crack the code, find the value of the missing number in the last letter number equation.

What will replace Question Mark?  IF  ONE=331  TWO-331  FIVE-040  FOUR=842  THEN  SEVEN=?
Can you solve this intelligence test question?

This mental ability question statement reads "IF ONE=331 TWO-331 FIVE-040 FOUR=842 THEN SEVEN=?". Can you solve this Puzzle Question to find the value of "SEVEN" in the last number equation?

The answer to this "Intelligence Test Question", can be viewed by clicking on the button. Please give your best try before looking at the answer.

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