Quick Maths Brain Teasers: Number Puzzle Questions

Quick Maths Brain Teasers: Number Puzzle Questions

Embark on a thrilling journey of Quick Maths Brain Teasers that will captivate your mind. Delve into the realm of mathematical puzzles that promise both fun and intellectual stimulation. This post features a delightful collection of quick-solving math brain teasers, perfect for kids to enjoy.

Challenge yourself to solve these puzzles mentally without using a pen or pencil for calculations. While kids will love these entertaining puzzles, teens and adults can also embrace the excitement of unraveling the solutions. At the end of the post, you'll find answers to check your results. We encourage you to share your solutions in the comment section and engage in brain-teasing fun!

Put your intelligence to the test with these brain teasers designed for high school students and beyond. Enjoy the thrill of tackling picture games and tricky mind games, while enhancing your problem-solving abilities along the way. Get ready to immerse yourself in the joy of quick math puzzles that challenge and entertain in equal measure!

P1.    If 485= 324062  ,  572= 351449 ,  Then 690=?

P2.   If A = 46,  B=50, C=54,  Then D=........., E=.............?

P3.   If A⁴=14, B⁴= 78, Then C⁴= .......?

P4.    If X+Y = 14, X-Y= 14 FIND X ÷ Y=?

P5.   Fill in The Values In The Circles :

       ② x  ④ + ⃝      =    ⑱
       ④ x  ⃝  ÷⑤   =    ⑧
       ⑤ x  ⑨ - ⑤   =     ⃝

P6.  If 134=1916, 245= 41625, 356= 92536, Then 467= .......,  578 = ..............?

P7. Fill The Empty Squares:
Math Brain Teaser Sequence Puzzle
 P8.   Fill The Empty Squares:
Maths IQ Puzzle Question

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Answers to these interesting math brain teasers are given below. I have hidden the answers to these riddles. Do select the text between the numbers to watch the answer to the corresponding riddle.

Answer to Quick Maths Brain Teasers

1. Answer: 54054

Explanation: The first number is 485= 4x8=32,8x5=40, 32+40=62
So the answer came is 324062.
Similar way, 690 = 6x9=54 , 9x0=0 , 54+0=54,required no. Is

2. Ans: D=58 , E= 62,
Explanation: add 4 to the previous answer.

3. Ans: 252,
Explanation: A⁴= 2⁴-2, B⁴=3⁴-3 so following the same pattern C⁴=4⁴-4=252.

4. Ans: Ꚙ.
X+Y = 14.............(1)
X-Y= 14................(2)
Adding 1 & 2 we get,
2X = 28→X=14
Substituting the value of X in X+Y=14, we get
Y= 0, Now we have X=14, Y=0
X÷Y= 14/0 = Ꚙ.

• 10

• 10

• 40

6. Ans: 467=163649, 578=254964

134= 1²3²4²=1916,
Similar way,245= 2²4²5²=41625, 356= 3²5²6²=92536
Following the same pattern 467=4²6²7²=163649, And 578=5²7²8²=254964

7. Ans: 26,37
Pattern is 1²+1, 2²+1, 3²+1,4²+1, 5²+1,6²+1

Ans:85, 145, 181

Starting from number 5 moving clockwise pattern is :

1² +2²=5, 2²+3²= 13, 3²+4²= 25, 4²+5²= 41, 5²+6²= 61, 6²+7²= 85, 7²+8²= 113, 8²+9²= 145.


Unknown said...

Q no 8 mein continue ans 85, 113 or 145 hona chahiye

Fun With Puzzles said...

You are right. The answer to the 8th question should be 85, 113, and 145. I have corrected the answer now. Thanks for pointing this out and helping us to improve this website.