Math Brain Teasers with Answers

Math Brain Teasers with Answers
After a series of Picture Brain Teasers, now it's time for Mathematical Brain Teasers. These Math Brain Teasers are related to the set of numbers that are related to each other with some Mathematical sequences or patterns. In these Puzzles, one number is missing in one of the sets which need to be calculated based upon Maths Pattern.
In each of these Math Brain Teasers, four sets of five numbers each are given. These five numbers in each set are linked with some mathematical pattern. Your challenge to find this Mathematical pattern and then find the missing number which will replace the question mark.
Answers to these Math Brain Teasers are given at the end. However, try to solve all these puzzles by yourself and then look at these answers to check the correctness of your answers.

Easy Maths Brain Teaser
1. Easy Maths Brain Teaser

Math Puzzles Brain Teaser
2. Math Puzzles Brain Teaser

Middle School Math Brain Teaser
3.Middle School Math Brain Teaser

Maths Brain Teaser for adults
4. Maths Brain Teaser for adults

Hard Maths Brain Teaser
5. Hard Maths Brain Teaser

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Answers to these Math Brain Teasers are given below
1. 21

2. 8

3. 75

4. 11

5. 4

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