Easy Maths Puzzles Brain Teasers for Kids with Answers

Maths Puzzles Brain Teasers for Kids with Answers
Mathematics is a very interesting subject. Mathematics can be taught in very innovative and interesting ways. There are many different types of Maths Puzzles and Math Brain Teasers which can be created. Here we are presenting a very interesting way in which Mathematical equations are created. All these Maths Brain Teasers are printable and can be used in the schools as worksheets.
In these Maths Puzzles Brain Teasers, there are four variables represented by A, B, C and D. There are four equations as represented in each of the Math Puzzle Worksheet. Your challenge is to solve these equations and find values of A, B, C and D in each of these Maths Brain Teasers.
Answers of each of these Math Brain Teaser worksheet are given at the end.

Mathematical Puzzle
1. Can you solve this to find the values of A, B, C and D?

Maths Brain Teaser Worksheet
2. Can you find which numbers will replace A, B, C and D?

Maths Equation Puzzle Question
3. Solve it to find values of A, B, C and D.

Maths Mind Teaser Puzzle
4. Solve these equations to find A, B, C and D.

Maths Riddle Worksheet
5. Can you quickly solve these to find A, B, C and D?

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Answers of these Maths Puzzles Brain Teasers are given as below. Try to solve these Maths puzzles by yourself and use these solutions to check the correctness of your answers.
A= 6.5
B= 4.5
C= 3.5
D= 2.5

A= 6
B= 7
C= 3
D= 1




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