Interesting Tricky Brainteasers in Pictures for Adults with answers

Interesting Tricky Brainteasers in Pictures for Adults
Here are some of the very tricky but interesting brainteasers. Some of these brainteasers will require mathematical calculations and some of these brainteasers will require logical thinking to solve these. There are some brain teasers below which will require outside-the-box thinking to solve them. 
We are marking these brain teasers for adults as some of these brain teasers are very tough and kids will find it very difficult to solve these puzzles. However, teens can also try these brain teasers as they may find it a little tough but interesting depending upon their interest and knowledge. 
The 'answers link' to these brainteasers is provided at the end of this post. This link contains a detailed explanation of these brainteasers. Do post your answer in the comment section of this post.
Eggs Logical Brainteaser
1. Can you tell How many eggs were broken?

Handshakes Logical Brainteaser
2. Can you find the number of handshakes in the meeting?

Horses Logical Mind Twister
3. Can you solve this logical problem?

Rabbit Brain Cracker Puzzle
4. Can you solve this mind-twisting puzzle?

Socks Brainteaser
5. Can you solve this easy brain teaser?

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