Brain Teaser | IQ Puzzle Question for Kids with Answer

This IQ Puzzle Question is for Kids to test your brain. In this brain teaser, you are shown some numbers in the sequence. These numbers relate to each other logically or mathematically. Your challenge in the puzzle question to crack the logical code which relates to the given numbers. Once you can decipher the logical reasoning hidden in this puzzle, find the value of the missing number which will replace the question mark.
If you look at this puzzle, it may look tough and unsolvable. However, believe me, that it is a very easy puzzle question. This is the reason, I have marked this puzzle for kids. Avoid looking at the answer. If you think for some time on this logic brain teaser, you will able to crack it. If you can solve this puzzle, please write down your answer along with the logic used to solve this puzzle in the comments.
Can you Find the Missing Number? 4 5 6, 3 4 8, 8 6 ?
Can you Find the Missing Number?

The answer to this "IQ Puzzle Question", can be viewed by clicking on the answer button.

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