Brain-Busters: Decode Logic to Find Missing Number

This video contains the brain-busters puzzles. Your challenge in these brainteasers is to decode the hidden logic and find the missing number.

In this video, there are 5 brain-teasing challenges. Each brain challenge contains a series of logical equations. There is a hidden logic in each puzzle that applies to all the equations in a particular brain teaser. Your puzzle challenge is to decipher this hidden logical pattern and then solve to last equation to find the missing number. Are you ready to crack the code and decode the missing number?

If 4+1=10, 2+4=12, 3+4=14, 2+9=22 Then 5+25=?. Can you find the missing number?
Brain-Busters Teasers: Decode Logic to Find Missing Number


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Double the answer... 60