Challenging WordCross Brain Teaser for Teens

Get ready for an engaging brain workout with this captivating WordCross Brain Teaser tailored for teenagers. This puzzle isn't just about words; it's a blend of language skills and lateral thinking. Your mission in this brain-teasing challenge is to uncover a six-letter word that undergoes a fascinating transformation when a single letter is crossed.

As you navigate through this Word Brain Teaser, you'll need to tap into your English vocabulary knowledge and embrace your creative thinking abilities. The answer lies within a wordplay phenomenon that showcases the enchanting interplay of letters. It's a delightful test of your linguistic and cognitive skills combined.

Are you up for the puzzle challenge? Give your mind a chance to shine as you tackle this WordCross Brain Teaser. Embark on this linguistic journey and see if you can decipher the unique solution that makes this puzzle a true test of wit and language prowess.

Word Brain Teaser: I am a six letter word. Subtract one letter and twelve will remain. Who am I?
Can you solve this Word Brain Teaser?

Answer to this "WordCross Word Brain Teaser for Teens", can be viewed by clicking on the answer button. Please do give your best try before looking at the answer.

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