Creative Thinking Puzzles with Answers

Can you think out of box?
Can you think out of the box? Can your brain think laterally? Can you think creatively to find the solution to a problem? Let's test your out of box thinking skills with this simple puzzle test. Here are 5 creative thinking puzzles which will make your think out of the box. Let's see how many of these puzzles you can solve without looking at the answers?
Answers for these creative thinking brain teasers are given at the end.
Without it, I am dead. If I am Not, then I am behind. What am I?
1. Can you solve this creative thinking puzzle?

Picture Puzzle to make you think out of box
2. Solve this creative thinking building puzzle?

Mind Teaser which will make you think out of box
3. Can you solve this lateral thinking puzzle?

Creative Thinking Puzzle Question
4. Can you solve this out of box thinking puzzle?

Tough Lateral Thinking Puzzle
5. Can you solve this tricky out of box thinking puzzle?

Answers of Creative Thinking Puzzles

1) A Head

2) Man's height is small and he cannot press the height floor buttons. However, on a rainy day, he is able to press the higher level floor button with the umbrella.

3)This is the out of the box thinking puzzle. The surgeon is the mother of the kid.

4) When the train arrives then there is simultaneously more number of people leaving the station. This is the reason there is more up escalator as compared to down escalators.

5) The answer is the count of Odd Number. Click here to read the explanation of this puzzle.

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