Can You Read This Encrypted Text?

Can you read this Encrypted Text?
Research has shown that our mind can read a text if we change the position of the letters in a word and keep the first and last letter intact. We have earlier published reading challenge to read encrypted quotes by famous people. In these reading brain teasers, letters of the word changed its position and still, our mind is able to read it flawlessly. There are other types of reading challenges too. e.g. reading the backward challenge in which one has to read the text in a backward direction. Also, there is a blurred reading challenge, where one has to read the text which has been blurred. There is also an upside-down reading challenge where the text is turned upside-down. However, I found an upside-down and backward reading challenge the toughest one in which text is not only turned upside-down but also written backwards. Try all the challenges and hopefully you will enjoy all these reading challenges.
In today's reading challenge one has to read the quotes by famous people. These quotes are encrypted. However, our mind will be able to read these quotes effortlessly. Try it and write what are you able to read in the comment section of this post.

Can you read these scrambled words?
1. Can you read this encrypted quote?

Reading Brain Teaser in which your challenge is read the text in first attempt
2. If you can read this you have a powerful mind!

Reading Brain Twister Challenge
3. Can you pass this reading challenge?

Can you read this encrypted words?
4. Can you read it in the first attempt?

Puzzle in which your challenge is to read the given text
5. Can your mind read this?

Answers of Jumbled Words Reading Puzzles

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