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There are many Puzzles and Sudoku Events going around the world. Many different people have written about their experience of attending these Puzzles and Sudoku Events. In this post, we capture all these writing and put links to these post where one can read their experience in these championships. I am posting these events in reverse chronological order starting from the latest events to the earlier event.



Bangalore Puzzle Meet August 2016: Rajesh Kumar's experience in attending August 2016 Puzzle Meeting in Bangalore.

The Science And Fun Learning Camp 2016: Checkout photographs of kids enjoying Sudoku and Puzzles solving sessions during "The Science And Fun Learning Camp 2016".


My Experience @ Sudoku Mahabharat 2015 Finals--Read about Rajesh Kumar's experience participating in Sudoku Mahabharat 2015 Finals.

2nd Puzzle Meet-Up @ Bangalore 14th June 2015: This is the experience of Rajesh Kumar attending 2nd Puzzle Meet in Bangalore in June 2015.

Puzzle Meet-Up @ Bangalore on 31st May 2015: Puzzles and Sudoku solvers in Bangalore started meeting in Bangalore regularly starting the year 2015. This is Rajesh Kumar's experience in attending the first Puzzle Meeting in Bangalore.


Kids solving Sudoku and Puzzles: Cute Children solving puzzles and Sudoku During "Science And Fun Learning Camp" in the year 2014.





Article on 'Toughest Sudoku' in Mirror Newspaper: Read about Multiple Time Indian National Sudoku and Puzzle Champion Rohan Rao's experience solving "Toughest Sudoku of the year 2010"


An Experience you would like to Experience!!-World Sudoku Championship 2009 Experience by Gaurav Korde

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