1st Rohan Vasantha Sudoku Championship

1st Sudoku Competition held at Rohan Vasantha Apartments
To encourage the habit of solving puzzles and Sudoku, We organized, Sudoku championship in our apartment Rohan Vasantha, Bangalore. This competition took place on 15th May, 2009 in Multipurpose Hall in Rohan Vasantha Apartment clubhouse. 
Here are the details of this Sudoku Championship along with photographs of this championship represented in small video.
There were three groups as below
Group A : Upto 7th standard.
Group B : 8th to 12 standard.
Group C : Adults

Children in the Group A performed very well and two of them were able to complete the test much before time. We had the participants from all ages making the event even more interesting. The winners in different groups are:

Group A : Bianca Datta
Group B: Hiral Betai
Group C: 1st Dr. Lalita , 2nd Mr Shivkumar

Congrats to the winners and all the participants. Below are the photographs of this championship.

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