The Science And Fun Learning Camp 2016

A dream is something that everyone has. Some of us have had the same dream our entire lives, some of us have had many – nevertheless it is our dreams that push us through life and motivate us to take risks. My dream has always been to inspire.
Summer camps provide an amazing opportunity for children to learn hands on. I had the pleasure of sharing my knowledge with the children when An idea strikes in my mind of conducting a fun learning camp in 2013. It was just an idea in my mind that children often go for hobby classes and camps but there are children who have study as their hobby, We were anyway searching talented children who can stand as champions on national and international level. So we kept puzzles, Sudoku, science experiments, handwriting, calligraphy , Rubik cube and art and craft as our fun activities. In my first camp I was surprised with the registrations I got. It was extremely higher than my expectations so kept some entries in waiting for the next month. Finally Got talented sweet cute children in my camp. I enjoyed thoroughly in my camp with my students and colleagues. Nobody who works at camp will be surprised that I learned a TON during my first summer.
Working with a diverse group of children all summer has provided an array of experiences that will greatly impact my career as a teacher.  I learned how to utilize patience, differentiation, and classroom management techniques, while balancing structure with having fun and allowing children to feel empowered and not constrained by "requirements" each day.
With the success of first summer camp we had second camp in 2014 with some new variations and ideas. People often ask me why I love camp so much. The real reason might be those vivid memories of my first two summer camps. So again my faith in myself increased when parents from my last camps called me and asked me for conducting summer camp again. I got inspired to have camp again in 2016 .
This experience has given me hope that I can continue to make a positive impact on children's lives and has inspired me to continue with my goals. This year again I have got many talented students in my camp who enjoyed in various activities. I have also found some of future champions in my camp. I missed my students a lot after the camp. There is a bond with all students. Sharing some of the memories of my camp on my website Fun With Puzzles. Also I promise to come with many more new ideas and new activities in coming years.
Here are some of the golden memories from this camp:)

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