Brain Bending Optical Illusion Pictures

There are many Optical Illusions that will give a twist to your brain and there are few where one needs to bend your brain to give a twist to the picture. Yes, you can change what you see in the picture by giving a twist to your brain. Here I am posting a few pictures where you can control what you see in the picture!!!
In the first picture, you will see the moving train. In which direction the train is moving. There are only two directions in which this train can move. Either it is going away from you or it is coming toward you. So in this picture, if you put stress on your brain, you can control the direction of this train's movement. Try it and you will be amazed by your mind :)

Moving Train Optical Illusion
1. Moving Train Optical Illusion

Next is one of the best Optical Illusions I have ever seen. Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe are two different personalities and both made their names in different professions which is quite unrelated. However, in this picture, you can see both of these personalities. You may say that I see only Albert Einstein :) Yes, you are right. You will see Albert Einstein at first glance. However, if you see the same picture from a distance you will be able to see Marilyn Monroe. Try it.  Look at this picture from near and then look at the same picture from distance.
Optical Illusion of Albert Einstein & Marilyn Monroe
2. Optical Illusion of Albert Einstein & Marilyn Monroe

These pictures are part of Fun Optical Illusions. Below are the next and previous pictures in this series.

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