Puzzle Championships (till year 2011 end)

This page lists the puzzle championships being held till year 2011
The good news for Puzzles and Sudoku solvers is that there are many different championships held for Sudoku and Puzzles across the world every week. To participate in most of these Championships you don't need to travel anywhere. Most of these puzzle championships are online and you can participate sitting at your home. 
We used to list these championships earlier every week. We have stopped now listing these championships on our website. However, here is a list of our listing for these championships for historical purposes.
A list is very big it is divided into two pages. These page lists championships held in the year 2011 end. You can check our other puzzle championships page for puzzle competitions held the year 2012 onward.

Croco Puzzle's Daily World Puzzle Ranking

Logic Masters India: Best of LMI Puzzle Tests on 23/24/25 Dec 2011

Puzzle Fountain: Classic Puzzle Championship #29

Logic Masters India: Best of LMI Mocks: 16/17/18 Dec 2011

Puzzle Fountain: Classic Puzzle Championship #28

Forsmarts 9th Anniversary Squared Contest (3rd / 4th December,2011)

Puzzle Fountain: Classic Puzzle Championship #27

World Puzzle/Sudoku Championship 2011

Snake Variations Contest 2011 on 26/27 November

Puzzle Fusion : LMI Puzzle Test on 19/20 November

MAYnipulation : LMI Puzzle Test May 2011

Logic Masters India (LMI) Screen Test #2

Puzzle Fountain: Classic Puzzle Championship #26

Puzzle Fountain: Classic Puzzle Competition #25

LMI: 2011 Double Decathlon on 15/16 October

Puzzle Fountain: Classic Puzzle Competition #24

Puzzle Fountain: Classic Puzzle Competition #23

Argio Logic Sudoku Contest Oct 2011

Puzzle Fountain: Classic Puzzle Competition #22

Logic Masters India: Sudoku A or B : 01/02-Oct-2011

Argio Logic September 2011 Sudoku Contest

US Sudoku 2011 Team Qualifying

4 Seasons Cup - Summer

Classic Puzzles: Interconnection

Crazy Arrows : 10/11 September 2011

Sudoku Cup 6

Sprint Test : LMI Puzzle Test on 03/04 September 2011

US Puzzle Championship 2011

Japanese Puzzle Land : LMI August 2011 Puzzle Test

Argio Logic Sudoku Test August 2011

Skyscraper Variations Contest - 3

LMI: Sudoku City : 6/7 August 2011

Magic Cube : LMI July Puzzle Test #2 on 30/31 July

Argio-Logic Sudoku July 2011

Nikoli Selection: LMI July Puzzle Test on 9/10 July

Puzzle Cruise (UKPA)

Puzzle Cruise (UK)

LOGIDOKU: June 2011

Something is Missing: 28/29 May 2011

German Puzzle Championship: online qualification 2011

Puzzle Contest #16: Intruder (Puzzle Fountain)

OCTO Contest on 30 April/01 May

Argio Logic: Sudoku Test: May 2011

French pre-qualification for WSC 2011

Evolved Terrestrials (UK)

Tournoi du forum 2011

Puzzle Fountain: Classic Puzzles Championship #15

Argio-Logic: Sudoku Contest: April 2011

Twist: LMI Puzzle Test on 9/10 April 2011

Puzzle Fountain: Classic Puzzle Championship #14

LMI Springs Sudoku Test : Mar 26/27 2011

Themed 5th Anniversary Puzzle Design Contest

PuzzleFountain: SpringTime Puzzles

Tapa Variations Contest VIII

Hybrids: LMI Puzzle Test on 12/13 March

Arigio Logic Sudoku Contest: Mar10-Mar13

PuzzleFountain Puzzle Competition #11

2011 Beijing International Sudoku Tournament

4 Season Cup- Winter "L'alphabet du NO (Sudoku)"

PuzzleFountain Classic Puzzle Competition #10

Tapa Variations Contest VII on 05/06 March

March 2011 SudokuMania Contest

PuzzleFountain Classic Puzzle Competition #9

Melon's Puzzle Zoo: LMI February'11 Puzzle Test on 26/27 Feb

Masquerade: PuzzleFountain Competition #8

Tapa Variations Contest VI on 19/20 Feb

PuzzleFountain Classic Puzzle Competition #6

Double Delight: LMI February 2011 Sudoku Test

Tapa Variations Contest V

PuzzleFountain Classic Puzzle Competition #5

Sudoku Cup #5

Pentomino Puzzle Contest (22-23.January 2011)

Enigma 2011: The Ultimate Puzzle Championship

Domino Castle Varations Puzzle Contest

Puzzle Fountain: Classic Puzzle Championship #3

Logic Masters India: January 2011 Sudoku Test: Prime Exotica

Argio-logic Sudoku Contest 21

Argio-logic Sudoku Contest

Puzzle Jackpot: Logic Masters India January'11 Puzzle Test

Logic Masters India: December 2010 Sudoku Test

Practice Puzzle Test - Indian Puzzle Championship 2011

Indian Puzzle Championship 2011

Indian Sudoku Championship 2011

Puzzles & Chess: LMI December Puzzle Test

Screen Test at Logic Masters India

Logic Masters India: November Puzzle Test: Flip

The Third Serbian Open Championship in Optimizers

Logic Masters India's Renban Grouped Sudoku Test

1st UKPA Sudoku Championship. 6-7 Nov 2010

LMI October Puzzle Test named Puzzle Decathlon

Logic Masters India: October Puzzle Test 1: Nikoli Selection

19th World Puzzle Championship: Poland 2010

BRAND’S® Sudoku Challenge 2010 Asia Pacific Open

Indian Puzzle Championship 2010

Logic Masters India's Monthly Test - September 2010 - EverGreens II

Puzzle Design Competition (German's Logic Masters Website)

German Sudoku Championships 2010

LMI August 2010 Puzzle Test - Broken Pieces

9th Belarusian Puzzle Championship

Schlangenrätselwettbewerb (Snake Puzzle Variation Contest)

Qixi Festival - Chinese Valentine's Day - Special Sudoku Test

Hochhausrätsel-Wettbewerb 2 (Skyscrapers Variation Contest - 2)

Logic Masters' Monthly Sudoku Test - August 2010 - Sampler Platter

Logic Masters' Monthly Sudoku Test - July 2010 - Classic Look-Alikes

Delhi Corporate Sudoku Championship by FrontFoot

Monthly Puzzle Tests from Logic Masters India (EverGreens)

LMI Monthly Test - June 2010 -!!!! SPEED SIXES !!!!!

Sudoku Mock Tests

LMI Monthly Test - May 2010 - Mastermind Twins

Sudoku Cup 4


Cognizance 2010 (College Championship)


Tournament Of the Champions (Fourth Edition)

Tapa Variations Contest IV

Indian Sudoku Championship - Mock Test 14

Russian Sudoku Championship 2010

Serbian Sudoku Championship - 2nd Preliminary Contest

Serbian Sudoku Championship - 3rd Preliminary Contest

Indian Sudoku Championship 2010

The Second Serbian Open Championship in Optimizers

The Grand Prix Sudoku Tournament in Most - on-line

Oğuz Atay Puzzle Contest 10-Live From WPC

2009 Indian Puzzle Mock Test 1

Indian Puzzle Championship 2009

OAPC Championships Details

Oğuz Atay Puzzle Contest 7

10th 24-Hour Championship

Oğuz Atay Puzzle Contest 6

SudokuCup 2

3rd World Sudoku Championship, Goa (India)

1st World Sudoku Championship, Lucca (Italy)

US Puzzle Championships 2009

BRAND’S Sudoku Challenge 2009: Asia Pacific Open

1st Rohan Vasantha Sudoku Championship

Oğuz Atay Puzzle Contest 5

17th World Puzzle Championship, Minsk (Belarus)

16th World Puzzle Championship, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

15th World Puzzle Championship, Borovets (Bulgaria)

PQRST Puzzle Championship

14th World Puzzle Championship, Eger Hungry

4th World Sudoku Championship

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