Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Here is the mail from Fred regarding this championship.

    If you participate in WSC and you make a good result, you'll want to prove that it was not by chance. If you participate in WSC and you're disappointed with your result, you may want to show the world that you're better than that. If you do not participate in the WSC, you have to heart to show that you would have earned your place.

For each case, there is a solution: participate in TFOSCAWSC (The First Online Sudoku Competition After WSC).

The tournament is open
from Saturday 8th May at 00:00 to Sunday 9th May at 24:00 (GMT+2h).
The duration is 2 hours, you can start when you want.
I'm the author, grids were tested by Ours brun, Rakesh Rai, and Doukkali.

It'll take place at a french forum: [

A topic is dedicated for that tournament: [

The booklet is already posted
, you can see and download it here: [docs.google.com]

Hope you'll participate and enjoy it !


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