Tapa Cave: T1

There is now weekly Tapa Variation Contest. I have created some of the Tapa puzzles for the practice of this contest. This is new puzzle variation related to this type. 

"Tapa Cave" Instructions

Draw a loop (along the sides of the small squares) into the grid that does not intersect nor touch itself (its interior is called a cave). The number inside the loop indicates the length of the black square (including itself) which can be seen from there. The numbers outside the loop are Tapa clues.
Paint some squares black to create a continuous wall. Number/s in a square indicate the length of black cell blocks on its neighbouring cells. If there is more than one number in a square, there must be at least one white cell between the black cell blocks. Painted cells cannot form a 2x2 square or larger. There are no wall segments on cells containing numbers.

Logical Problems: Tapa Cave
Tapa Cave

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